March 21, 2007

Okay, my packet is printed out and pretty much ready to be sent off. I still have to write my process letter, but hopefully I can finish that tomorrow and send it off after work… I feel like I kinda killed myself with the reading list and annotations. I was really down about the whole thing earlier (not happy with the quality… but it was my first packet and was unsure what to expect). There are definitely some problems with my MLA format (oh well). Now that it’s all printed out I feel a little better. It’s about 33 pages total including 20 pages of my new creative work. I had to cheat though. I was supposed to produce a new chapter for this packet, but burned through too much time with my reading and annotating. Oops. I ended up rewriting an existing chapter instead, because the notes for the chapter I had intended weren’t complete enough and I didn’t have time. The intended chapter is really important to the structure of my book… so I was afraid I’d fuck it up, or over thinks it with my uninspired mood and exhaustion.

Meanwhile everything is just as complicated at work. I may need to contact the union or a lawyer… or maybe I’ll just walk out and never return! …sorry the thought of that makes me a little too happy. I need to find some way to refill my metaphorical batteries…

haha, sorry for all the complaining it’s been a rough week.


One comment

  1. yah for finished packets! i ordered your book for you.

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