Sunny Day

April 28, 2007

So we went to see Rufus Wainwright earlier this week at the Triple Door. I’d never been there before. It was a pretty amazing venue to see him at. Everyone sits in booths and it’s very intimate and cool. We had fancy cocktails and appetizers at our table while watching the performance. Very fun. M took this picture. He described it better here.

So it’s sunny out today and I’m supposed to be reading Maldoror and annotating it… actually that was last week’s book. I should be on to the next one by now. M’s brother and his girlfriend are in town from SoCal, so we’ve been showing them around. I think they are going up to Seattle in a bit to do touristy stuff, which sounds like fun, but I’m probably going to stay home and try to catch up on my work.

I need to finish reading two more novels by next week… and annotating them. I’ll probably have to finish them late, but it’s been rough trying to carve out enough work time lately (especially with all the work drama recently). Does anyone actually read this? I mostly post to keep a record of what I’ve been working on, but I always like getting feedback.


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