Process letter to my advisor:

June 2, 2007


How have you been? A divorce? Egad. That’s a lot. Did you go to Alaska yet, or is that still coming up? My school was supposed to be getting out last week, but we have snow days to make up so there’s another week still. I actually had to call in sick to get this packet done, but alas it is finished, and I even made up the extra annotation. Tomorrow we’re going to drive to Mt. St Helens, so M can get some video footage for art he is working on. It should be fun. It’s a nice drive and the mountain still looks like a moon landscape, although vegetation is finally creeping back. It only took 25+ years… The mountain literally blew itself apart.

Here is packet four. This packet contains four annotations, my second critical paper, and about fourteen pages of my creative work. For this packet I did annotations for Jung, Plato, Salinger, and Pressburger. I still need to complete three annotations for the next packet and correct my second critical paper. When do you need all that by? The official date is the 11th I believe. That’s going to be an amazingly tight turn around for me, but I don’t know what your schedule will be. Are you going out of town right away? Can you email me when you get this to give me a definite due date? Thanks!

For my creative work this packet I focused on a character named Genevieve. She is one of the characters on the show Stalking America. This chapter comes after the chapter about Claire, but it is the first time that any of the ground rules for the show are laid out. Initially the reader knows that these characters are on some sort of show, but it’s not until this point that they learn what it is all about. I don’t think that my description is very elegant here about the show… I actually struggled clarifying this information for the reader, so in some places I feel it is overstating and heavy handed, and in other’s I don’t know if I’m making it clear enough.

Genevieve is a minor character. She is mostly there to flesh out the Stalking America world. There is also a male character that I haven’t really written anything about yet. He just exists in notes, although I have a story line for him. Genevieve is stalking some art guy and uses other people’s work to get herself a show. The idea of artists misrepresenting their work appeals to me. I’ve worked so much in galleries and hate openings, so I’ve always had a fantasy of giving my resume and portfolio to somebody and having them pretend to be me. I guess this is a reversal of that story. Claire is the only TV character that plays a big part in the books end.

So what happens at the end of the semester? I’m still a little unclear about all that. How is the semester wrapping up for you? Has Mills gone for summer yet? I’ve been teaching a directors class all semester and we were focusing on a lot of the classics like: Citizen Kane, Dr Strangelove, A Place in the Sun, and Sunset Blvd. I threw in some Cohen Brothers, but recently showed some Pee-Wee Herman and Hairspray… which the kid’s didn’t really know what to do with. They liked the serious stuff, but weren’t sure what to do with the campy silly stuff. I thought they would have enjoyed it and I wanted to diversify the list a little. I also tried to show them some work by women directors, but do you know how many Hollywood women directors are out there who aren’t making R rated movies (I can’t show them R without explicit parental permission)? Penny Marshal. I could show them Big or A League of Their Own. I showed them A League of Their Own. I wanted to maybe show them some Sophia Coppola, but those are all R rated. I thought about showing Desperately Seeking Susan (PG and directed by a woman), but after the response Pee-Wee got… they just don’t like the 80s aesthetic. Maybe I could’ve escaped back to the old experimental days with Maya Deren, but I already use her for my surrealism class. Oh well, next week is my last week of teaching, then we may be selling the house and moving to Buffalo. I haven’t told my school yet. They’ll cancel my medical benefits immediately even though my contract goes through August.

I hope you are doing well!


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