Process letter to my advisor:

June 11, 2007


How have you been? I finished up teaching on Friday… and already feel like I have so much more time! That’s weird since today would have been my first day back. How did your semester finish up? I’m gearing up for a trip to Pittsburgh and New York next week. We are interviewing for a really amazing subsidized artist live/work space in Buffalo. It is so cheap. It’s in Buffalo, but it’s so cheap! The cost of living has tripled up here in the last five or six years, but the job market hasn’t increased at all. I’m looking forward to living somewhere where I can afford to work part-time while finishing grad school, otherwise I feel like I’m wasting my time and money. I moved to Tacoma because it was really cheap and still on the coast, but the housing market exploded like the week I arrived. Besides, I’ve never lived on the east coast, so it would be a nice change. If the interview for the art space goes well, then we’ll be driving across country to relocate this summer… so I’ll be getting that road trip after all.

I just applied for a writing residency at Atlantic Center for the Arts with Gioia Timpanelli. Ah, writing vacation in Florida. It should be really cool if it works out.

So the semester is finally over. I feel like it went by really fast. I feel pretty good about my work this semester, but am excited to dig deeper into the work I’ve been doing. For this packet I am including my final three annotations for Grimm, Hemingway, and Ovid. While writing the Ovid response I holed up at a nearby coffee shop to get work done, but there was a band playing really loud covers of Billy Joel songs and Radar Love. Is that Meatloaf? Hopefully that doesn’t come through in my writing! For my creative work I’ve done some minor revisions, but am not sending anything in this packet. I think I’m going to take the next couple weeks to do some polishing of what I have and adding certain elements to the story. There may even be a sex scene… well not really. The kid reads something about a person looking for a hook up on the bathroom wall and decides to camp out and see who shows up. I think I’m going to have some sort of misunderstanding where he thinks somebody is in the bathroom and builds up in his head that there is this whole elaborate encounter happening… but then he realizes the bathroom was empty and it was all in his head. We’ll see.

Other than that, I was mostly concerned with tying up loose ends and getting all of my work turned in. I still need to work on my semester evaluation. I’ll probably do that next. I’ll write it up and save it to my SIS, but will wait to submit it until you see it. Does that work?

I also wanted to just say thanks for being my advisor! I really like your style and feel like it has been productive. Hopefully I’ll have a chance to work with you in the future, but if not, keep in touch!


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