Process Letter to my Advisor 2.2

September 28, 2007


How have you been? You seem to be under some sort of time constraint, so I’ll keep this brief as I’m running out of time. I’m sending as is. The last two weeks have been insane. We drove down old route 101, which is beautiful, but very very slow. Relocating is so big. I can’t even tell you how crazy my life has been. Now there are lawyers, as I have to take my previous employer to court for back pay. My house isn’t sold, the new place isn’t done, I have no income. Just know that this move was implemented to create a place in my life where I can have more time for school and my writing. I have a fantasy of me not having to work two or three jobs to pay for basic living costs. I’m looking forward to a place where I am not over committed and the go-to person for every non-profit organization in town. It’s been eight long years and I’m ready for this change. Oh some good news: one of my videos that was purchased for a museum collection will be part of a show this winter.

I am currently in L.A., which as you may have noticed, has no soul. I always forget this until I am back again. Anyway, on to my work:

For this packet I am once again including two annotations. I’ve always been an overachiever so don’t worry about it. Both are about Dennis Cooper in an attempt to get ahead on research for my long critical paper, but it actually made the process more difficult. Cooper became a big snuff blob in my head. Enough said. I enjoyed and was definitely engaged with the work, but these annotations were extremely time consuming and I fear the results are muddy.

For my creative work this packet I have included new writing from the first third of chapter eleven. I had another four pages that I was trying to pull together, but you seem to need this now and they aren’t ready yet… The pages include more of the perceived sex that culminates in a more blatant scene before the kid’s ruminations are interrupted by Methuselah needing to use the bathroom. At this point he realizes it was all in his head. Later in the chapter the kid talks about how people sacrifice things to an ideal and then he tells the other passenger about his thoughts about the woman who got off the train. This is actually one of the most important chapters so far and I have been struggling under the need to get things right. This is the chapter right before the kid unexpectedly gets off the train at the guy’s stop. There won’t be much explanation, he’ll just already be off when we come back to him and he’ll try to make sense of it for himself. Oh and the main character’s name is Isaac. The reader finds that out later.

I am also rethinking the Claire character and we’ll probably just re-do her first chapter. I am basing her more on my high school girlfriend who was on one of the early seasons of the Real World mixed with this woman who used to come in my work who was in some band.

Anyway, that’s where I am now. I hope you are well.


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