Process Letter to My Advisor 4.1

August 21, 2008


How have you been? Are ready to do it all over again? Things have been going well on this end. Our house finally sold at the last minute, so we averted the foreclosure. Pretty amazing. I still have a hard time believing it all worked out, because it was looking pretty dire for a while.

We are planning a trip here pretty soon before the weather turns bad again, probably October. I want to see the Carnegie International before it comes down and my boyfriend needs to see something at DIA Beacon and MassMoCA, so we’re making a grand circuit of it all. The plan is: Pittsburgh, Philly to visit friends, Baltimore for a day, a couple days in New York, then up to Beacon and MassMoCA. I’d like to get some good writing out of the experience, but it’ll also just be nice to get out and see the East Coast (haven’t really done much of that since moving here).

It looks like I have my practicum anchored down to three days at the end of September. I’ll be working with a group called Evolutionary Girls that presents work all over the world. I’ve worked with them a little before, so we’ll do a writing intensive workshop here at ArtSpace with a small group of people working on a project. They are putting together an anthology/catalogue, so I envision it as a number of writing workshops and an exercise in workshopping material for the book. I find I work best with a defined project when teaching, one that allows me to jump in and say “this is what we want to accomplish”, a goal. It gives me something to rally around and organize the work, so this is exciting. I published an art quarterly/anthology through the nonprofit for about four years, so I have a lot of trial and error experience with this stuff.  I’m just happy I have something concrete in place after all the near misses with other organizations.

For this packet period I am including annotations for Robbe-Grillet’s Jealousy and Schjeldahl’s Let’s See. For my creative work I am including the new chapter four that shows the main character finally in the groove of being on the train. A couple pieces in it are taken from an older chapter that never worked and has been cut. I feel like I’m finally getting this material to gel after a number of attempts with the form.

Well I should wrap this up! Thanks for all your feedback and help last semester and I look forward to working with you.


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  1. Dear J, Anne has been raving about you and your work. Sorry I’ve been so completely out of touch and haven’t visited these pages in months. But, I thought you’d like to know you have an active fan club in Oysterville.
    Keep writing,

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