Process Letter to My Advisor 4.3

October 28, 2008


Greetings from the road. How are you? The image of pregnancy in Pucci made me very happy. I think everyone should be required to wear Pucci when pregnant, well not everyone. Yeah, I love thrift stores in small towns. I was a clothes scout for years after high school, back when I was more stylish, buying vintage crap and selling it off to the clothing stores. I managed a vintage clothing store and bought for them too, so who knows what I’ll find. I’m just happy to get a trip before winter sets in and to see A LOT of art (kind of an insane amount actually). As of now the itinerary is: Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, NYC, DIA Beacon, and MassMoCA. I’m sending this out mid-trip. We just started.

So I finished up my Teaching Practicum (the day before we left) and think it went well. Everyone was really nice and smart (all grad school or beyond) and visual art people, so it felt more like facilitating than “teaching”, but it was a pleasant experience and everyone said they enjoyed it and got something out of it. I’ll start working on my essay and send that in as the next packet. Do we send annotations in too, or is it just the essay? I’ll definitely check out the Frank O’Connor. I’ve heard the name, but haven’t read any.

Oh, the day after I sent in my last packet, I received an email asking if I’d be interested in doing some freelance art writing for the daily news. I post all my annotations on a blog (mostly to have them in one place and for a couple people I know in real life who read them), and apparently he stumbled across them. Surprise. It’ll be good experience and a nice way to have art writing in-print in a daily.

So for this packet I did two annotations based on art exhibitions in Buffalo to get more practice. I’m still trying to learn what works best in this format. For the first annotation I focused on a photography exhibition that just opened, and the second one is for a more historical Op art show. I’d also like to do a couple more art annotations on the road if that’s not too much, but have a couple more novels I’d like to get to soon. At some point I’d like to pick your brain some more for art books that you think are important to read. Your advice has been pretty spot-on.

For this packet’s creative work I’m sending a rewrite of last packet’s chapter. Your feedback was good. After receiving your response, I was all excited to get reworking. I had this idea of having the movie and Telepathic Babysitter each tell a portion of a story (where one cut off the other one picked up)… sort of like stereo, but hearing one channel at a time (parallel stories inter-cutting… almost like the old vaudeville routine of a radio switching stations and telling a story… but not so comedic). Sounds great, right? So I wrangled out a draft and it basically imploded under it’s own weight. After that I basically started cutting way back. This has that effect to some extent, but not as overt. What you see here is more like the previous version (somewhere in-between), but paired down about five pages and the order is moved all over the place. The nice thing about having all these different elements is that if I move stuff around and closer, it changes the meaning. The beginning stayed pretty close to the old version, but I tried to make the language a little blunter. Does this work? Is this version of the chapter a step forward?

Anyway, I hope you are well.


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