Process Letter to My Advisor 4.4

October 31, 2008


How have you been? Thanks for the extension. It helped a lot, but I’m still sick… and I don’t really have much to say. I’m ready to not be sick anymore. I am done with my teaching packet and really happy to be able to move on and finally focus completely on finishing my manuscript. I feel like this teaching practicum was hanging over my head as a distraction and the process became more difficult than it needed to be.

Anyway here is my teaching packet. I tried to focus more on where some of my ideas on education came from and to take more of an introspective look at my process in my essay, because that’s where I feel I am right now and what it was important for me to look at. All of my supplemental material should be in order.

Sorry this isn’t very exciting or introspective about my process, but hopefully I cover all that in the essay. I just want to get this out in the mail finally and go back to bed! I hope you are doing well and thanks again for all the great feedback in the last several packets. I’m excited to try to implement your ideas and pull together one final chapter for the semester!


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