Hammer, Denis, Barth, and Martin

May 23, 2012

Things have been busy around here. Sorry for not keeping you all up to date…

I just sent off a new article entitled Uta Barth’s Distrust of Narrative Cause/Effect and Agnes Martin’s Surrendered Perfection for an upcoming anthology by Evo Girls. I’ll keep you all posted on that, but I also sent off two new video pieces for exhibition (one to London and the other for the US and Australia). So a lot is coming out right now, but beyond all this thinking about Barth and Martin, I’ve been thinking about having had the opportunity to study and work with Claire Denis and Barbara Hammer. Each are very different, and the way their work looks and approach are completely different, but I think they are both an influence on the work I have been doing lately. It’s odd how these things come together, but take inspiration where you find it I suppose.

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